Sleep is foundational for living your healthiest life! While you sleep, your body works to heal and repair body systems and tissues. In addition, restful sleep allows your body to:

  • Enhance memory
  • Support mental clarity
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve energy
  • Boost overall mood
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Improve stress management

Here are a few quick tips for you to help support restful sleep:

  1. Make it a priority! The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night so know what time you need to be in bed each night so you get enough sleep before needing to wake up in the morning.
  2. Avoid technology (phones, TV, computer) 1-2 hours before bed. The blue light from screens encourages your brain to stay alert vs relaxing and preparing for sleep.
  3. Eat a small snack before bed, especially if you struggle with waking up in the middle of the night. Your snack should include some protein and healthy fats to keep your blood sugar balanced until morning.
  4. Create a cool, dark environment to promote restful sleep.
  5. Incorporate essential oils like Serenity, Lavender, or Balance before bed to create a calming environment. Diffuse a few drops about 30 minutes before bed.
  6. Take 1-2 Serenity Softgels to help yourself fall asleep easier and wake up feeling rested.

Watch this webinar to dive deeper into managing stress and prioritizing restful sleep:

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