Empowering Healthy Lifestyles through:

– Real Food

– Targeted Supplementation

– Sustainable Habits

What is Nutritional Therapy?

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, my focus is to help support your health and vitality through holistic nutrition and lifestyle shifts, as well as supporting nutritional deficiencies. I am trained to support the body’s optimal function by addressing the health of the diet, digestive system, blood sugar regulation system, fatty acid status, mineral balance, and hydration levels.

With this framework, I can support you in achieving your health goals so you can live your healthiest life. Instead of chasing symptoms and chasing the next trend, I will help determine what your unique body needs to thrive.  

Getting Started – Month 1

Week 1: All services begin with a 45-minute initial interview where we address your health concerns, medical/family history, current medications, and detailed symptom information.

Week 2: We will review your personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol that addresses your health concerns and moves you toward your health goals. We will also determine which supplements best support your body.

Week 4: During this in-person visit, we will check in on the progress of your initial dietary and lifestyle protocols and supplements.

Bonus: All clients will receive access to my Foundations Course, with in-depth education on the Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Month 1 Cost: $197  (supplement costs not included)

After Month 1

Choose from of these monthly options:


Includes 1 visit (in person or online)

In each follow-up session, we will review progress, do any reassessments as needed, adjust your dietary and supplement plans, and update your personalized plan.

$47 per session 


Weekly group coaching sessions with in depth topics and Q+A


All In


Visits as needed

Priority appoinments

Discounts on supplements and family visits

Text access to Chrissy in between sessions

Access to Align group coaching program


*Supplements not included in pricing



Chrissy identified my health issues and helped me find a more holistic way to treat the cause not just the symptom. She is guiding me to better choices for a healthier life.”


Chrissy is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. She was patient with me and my many questions! I would highly recommend Chrissy to anyone. I can’t wait to continue to learn more about lifestyle changes I can make for my family.”


Chrissy is great to work with.  She explains product and their use so you understand. She is always available when you have questions. I have learned so much!


I feel more at peace since I have been working with Chrissy. After years of numerous doctors, appointments, and dead ends, I finally feel like I am on the right track. Chrissy is very patient, always honest, and will share her wisdom with you to help you be successful through your health journey. 🙂.”


Chrissy explains the science behind things and has great knowledge! Easy to work with.”


How long will it take for me to feel better?

You’re not going to like this answer…it depends. How long have you been experiencing unwanted symptoms? How closely are you following recommendations? How is your diet? How often are you having a bowel movement? How much water are you drinking? How much sleep are you getting? How well are you managing your stress? How often are you moving your body? All of these lifestyle choices play a role in healing. You didn’t develop your symptoms overnight. Healing won’t happen overnight, either.

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