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Welcome to Hot Mess Hormones! This class is your ticket to unraveling the mysteries of hormonal chaos within your body. 

From puberty to menopause and everything in between, this class navigates through the complexities of hormonal changes, offering practical tips and strategies for managing symptoms and maintaining hormonal balance.

Get ready to embrace your body’s fluctuations with confidence and empower yourself with the knowledge to tackle any hormonal challenge head-on. Join us and discover how to turn your ‘hot mess’ into hormonal harmony

Upcoming Classes

Underground Wellness, Spring Valley

Wednesday, June 5 @ 6 pm

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1813 Brackett Ave, Eau Claire

Tuesday, June 11 @ 6 pm

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Bloomer Brewing Co, Bloomer

Tuesday, June 18 @ 6 pm

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Online, Zoom

Saturday, June 22 @ 10 am

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(715) 255-6447


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